Materials & Equipment

Cathodic Protection Materials and Equipment


CorrosionPlus proudly support and supply comprehensive cathodic protection materials and equipment. See below for examples but many more can be customized and ordered.
  • Impressed current anodes: cast iron, Graphite, MMO
  • Galvanic anodes: aluminum, magnesium, zinc
  • CP rectifiers: customized rectifiers per engineering design
  • Junction Boxes: standard and customized junction boxes
  • Test stations: post-mounted and flush-mount, coupon test stations
  • Remote monitors units (RMU): rectifier Monitors and test station monitors
  • Cable & splicing: CP cables,  electrical tapes, cable splicing materials
  • Reference electrodes: portable and permanent reference electrodes
  • Over voltage protection: Dairyland SSD, PCR, OVP
  • Insulators: pipeline insulating flange kits
  • Instrumentation: Digital multimeters, clamp meters, soil resistivity meters, GPS current interruptors



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