Corrosion engineering, cathodic protection materials and training
Corrosion engineering, cathodic protection materials and training


CorrosionPlus is a corrosion engineering company providing specific corrosion control recommendations on various types of structures including but not limited to oil/gas pipelines, refineries, water transmission and distribution pipelines, chemical plants, nuclear and many other industries. CorrosionPlus specializes in failure analysis, field investigation, corrosion risk assessment, corrosion engineering, cathodic protection and materials selection.


Our pipeline integrity management is the industry partner with comprehensive corrosion and risk-based pipeline integrity management capability for the maintenance and rehabilitation of oil and gas transmission, gathering and distribution pipelines as well as above ground hydrocarbon liquid storage tanks.  We evaluate the probability of a failure on a pipeline system and the consequences of such a failure, including risk assessment, integrity assessment, risk mitigation, performance measures, management of change, communications and quality control.

The Mission

CorrosionPlus’ mission is to provide high-quality yet cost-effective corrosion protection and materials engineering solutions to its customers for the preservation of the world's energy resources, infrastructure and environment. The company provides a complete corrosion protection source for all types of structures found in diverse environments throughout the world, especially pipelines in the oil/gas and water industries. The pipeline integrity program is a multi-phased, engineering driven process with established criteria and built-in milestones for effective decision making.


CorrosionPlus proudly offers a broad spectrum of corrosion engineering services, supplies comprehensive corrosion and cathodic protection materials and equipment, and provides ustomized training / seminar to meet your own business needs. Contact CorrosionPlus for details about our services and commitment to you!



CorrosionPlus is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.
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